Aine Fitzpatrick

Aine is a Senior Consultant at Ansell Strategic. She has a background in health research with a particular interest in using data to inform organisational decision-making and operational change.​

Aine holds a Bachelor of Psychology with honours in social psychological research. She has previously worked as a research assistant at the Australian National University and has published research in social and exercise psychology.​

Prior to starting at Ansell Strategic, Aine led a team of patient advocates in the medicinal cannabis industry, designing and conducting research projects to collect treatment outcome data from vulnerable patients.​

Aine has demonstrated experience in innovative research design, data collection and analysis, and health advocacy. She has been involved in a number ofresearch projects, both academic and commercial, which have involved demographic research, statistical analyses, and systems assessments. In her previous roles she has translated research into recommendations for organisational change and has assisted in building new operational systems based on these findings.​

Aine has developed a passion for understanding human experience through her social research and strives to consider the experience of older Australians in each aspect of her work. She takes a keen interest in the health and aged care industry and is passionate about using research to address client objectives.​