Assistance to implement continuous improvement strategies and ongoing compliance support.

We understand that many organisations do not have spare capacity to support the improvements that are necessary to achieve and maintain a safe and compliant environment for their residents or care recipients.

Our Operations Team comprises career Aged Care Nurses who each have experience in all aspects of clinical care, service delivery and organisational management. This aged care background in quality, community, facility and executive management ensures that our team understands the complexities associated with leading and managing both residential and in-home aged care services.

Practical solutions and hands on advice.

  • Provide advisory services to support effective quality leadership and management;
  • Identify high impact risks and support remedial activities to address risks;
  • Undertake clinical reviews to identify opportunities for enhanced clinical services;
  • Develop quality management tools and systems to enable the organisation to identify potential risks or opportunities for improvement;
  • Develop quality indicator data sets to provide appropriate information for effective Governance;
  • Training and ongoing support to implement sustainable practices that support safe quality care and services;
  • Provide ongoing oversight to identify emerging issues; and
  • Develop and support remediation activities to address identified or potential issues.

Building your team’s capabilities.

Our clients tell us they value and appreciate our approach. They appreciate that we support, build capability and broaden people’s knowledge and capacity, but we don’t take over.

We work alongside you to establish best practice, build leadership capability, implement sustainable Governance processes and systems, address opportunities for improvement and provide your team with the confidence and certainty to lead and manage effectively into the future.

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