Investigation and recommendation.

Get a point-in-time assessment of your operations to help with your compliance with the National Aged Care Quality Standards.

  • Do our clinical staff effectively manage consumer risks?
  • What, if any, are our clinical/compliance exposures?
  • Are we providing safe, best practice quality care?
  • What are our operational strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is our leadership team managing effectively?
  • Are we truly providing a consumer centric care and services?
  • What are our consumers saying?
  • How do our employees feel?
  • How well are we responding to feedback?
  • Is our Governance Program providing the right information on which to make confident and appropriate decisions?
  • If we had a catastrophic event, are we equipped to manage it effectively?

Analysis to make informed decisions in a changing world.

Through investigation and analysis, we help your organisation solve the challenging questions:

  • How prepared are we to meet the challenges of this changing environment?
  • What are we doing well?
  • What are our risks?
  • How do we need to improve?

Bespoke solutions for unique challenges.

As specialists in the aged care and retirement living sectors, we understand the unique complexities organisations operating in this industry experience. We assist providers to improve performance throughout their operations.

Our highly skilled clinical team works across clinical, operational, governance and leadership areas. With our broad experience and range of discovery techniques, we’ll collaborate with you to develop lasting improvement strategies for the long term benefit of your organisation.

Experience where you need it.

Our clients value our collaborative approach which considers their organisational vision, and assists them to achieve their performance goals in a unique and competitive way.

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