A focus on remediating issues and enhancing your service capabilities through ongoing support.

Our analysis and focus is on remediating issues and enhancing service capabilities. This includes undertaking the Nurse Administrator and/or Advisor roles for homes under sanction and more customised ongoing assistance to meet various needs.

Investigative analysis of the key issues to offer practical, best practice training and education.

  •  Analysis of the factors that may have contributed to the non-compliances and sanction;
  • Support with communication to consumers and other stakeholders;
  • Development of an Action Plan to meet the agreed timeframes for remediation;
  • Review of systems and supporting documentation to ensure the documentation supports and enables effective care and service outcomes;
  • Training for staff to support the remedial activities;
  • Support for staff to build capability to undertake their role at a level that enables effective delivery of safe quality care and services;
  • Support for effective operational management;
  • Alignment of care and service delivery with best practice guidelines; and
  • Provide ongoing practice implementation and support to deliver safe and effective care to consumers.

On the ground, bespoke support.

Our team of Registered Nurses and specialist clinicians will provide face-to-face support, becoming an extension of your team to enhance your facility’s capabilities. Our support will be flexible, ongoing and tailored to your exact needs. The overarching scope is to empower your staff through training, education and hands-on experience for you to self-sustain excellency into the future.

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