Face to face consultation to understand your organisation’s needs, structure and challenges.

A Clinical Governance Framework should support an integrated approach to enhance the competence of your organisation and each individual to make sound, best practice clinical decisions, ensure compliance, continuous improvement and deliver person-centred care.

The Framework typically includes policies, procedures, responsibilities, relationships, planning, monitoring and improvement mechanisms that provide an integrated approach to support safe, quality clinical care and good clinical outcomes for each consumer. It also supports the promotes a culture of quality improvement.

We will assist you by reviewing your existing quality management program and how information supports decision-making and identify opportunities to strengthen your Clinical Governance Framework. Our approach is collaborative; we work with you to understand your organisational challenges, needs and vision for the future.

Developing and implementing a customised, effective and sustainable Clinical Governance Framework.

We will support you in every step of the process, from developing an effective and customised framework that adheres to best practice principles all the way through to its implementation.

Our focus is to equip your team with the skills, knowledge and resources to enable you to sustain an evidence-based Clinical Governance Framework autonomously into the long term.

A robust Clinical Governance Framework will guide both your Executives and service staff to manage the ongoing program of data analysis, research, decision-making and continuous improvement to address the elements that support accountability for best practice clinical care as well as more complex challenges.

At a clinical level, our approach will:

  • Enhance clinical staff understanding about governance and best practice; and
  • Build capability to support a risk management approach for assessments and care planning and management of high prevalence risks.

Ongoing training, education and support.

Our support doesn’t end after the implementation of a Clinical Governance Framework.

Our team of Registered Nurses, Clinicians and Consultants will be available to assist you on an ad hoc basis by providing you training, education and ongoing support.

Ansell Strategic Clinical Governance training programs are always co-designed with you to cater to your specific and unique challenges. We leverage contemporary, best practice principles to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory frameworks.

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