Industry Briefings

Ansell Strategic provides industry briefings for ANZ, the Commonwealth Bank and NAB on sector developments, risks and opportunities in aged care which supports their knowledge of the industry and inform future strategies.

Our Approach

Sector expertise and understanding.

Our education sessions are developed to enable the banks to gain insights on key developments, risks and opportunities that may impact their aged care clients.
As Chartered Accountants working directly with CFOs across the industry, we provide insights around revenues, costs and capital drivers affecting aged care providers across Australasia.

We also co-host lunches with ANZ which are attended by major aged care providers and investors. These lunches focus on sharing sector experiences and developing knowledge of current challenges and opportunities.

The Result

Shared Learnings and Risk Mitigation

Participation in education sessions that focus on shared learnings and experiences provide benefits for all involved including the financial institutions, Ansell Strategic and aged care providers.

Key results include greater comprehension of sector risks and mitigating strategies for both lenders and borrowers to maximise their business in this constantly changing environment.